Born in Manchester, England. Chris studied ecology at the Universities of Lancaster and Calgary. After traveling around Europe and Australasia he worked as a guide in the Peruvian Amazon. In 1999, he moved to Japan for what he thought would be a brief stint teaching English. His initial interest in the country changed to a deep fascination which inspired his travels around Japan. Nearly a decade after his arrival, he now lives on the island of Okinawa, where he works as a writer, photographer and lecturer.

He hopes that his articles and images will inspire others to visit Japan, or bring back fond memories to those who have made their own journeys through the land of the rising sun.


Chris shoots with the medium format Pentax 67II system. It results in a heavy travel bag, but the huge transparencies are outstanding. He uses Fuji Provia and Velvia films for their fantastic color and exceptionally fine grain.

Since June 2010, he also uses the Pentax 645D medium format digital system. This gives him the resolution and image quality of medium format with the faster workflow of digital.

Published Work

His writing and photographs have been used for newspapers, magazines, advertising, documentaries, and academic textbooks. See tear sheets for some examples of his recent publications.



イギリス・マンチェスター出身。ランカスター大学(イギリス)・カルガリー大学(カナダ)でエコロジーを学ぶ。ヨーロッパ・オーストラレーシアを放浪。大学卒業後は、南米ペルーのアマゾン川のガイドとして働いた。 1999年来日し、新潟・北海道に暮らし、現在は沖縄本島で、ライター・フォトグラファー・大学講師として働いている。


カメラは数多くのプロから圧倒的な支持を得ている PENTAX 67II 使用。 フィルムはシチュエーションを広げてくれる安定した増減感処理適正。光の少ない場所でも安心できる優れた長時間露光適性の富士フィルムフジクローム プロビア使用。


彼の執筆・写真は新聞、テキスト本、雑誌、テレビなど日本を含め、それ以外の国でも 使用されています。見てみたい方はここをクリック。

19 Responses to Profile

  1. Sylvia Black says:

    Hello Chris,

    Can’t even tell you how I came across your blog – but glad I did!! Beautiful and powerful pictures!!! I also live in Okinawa
    and would like to visit your next exibit. Please let me know
    when the next one will be.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Damon Hunt says:

    You are one of the reasons why I pick up my Pentax 67II more than my digital camera these days. Thanks for being an inspiration.



  3. Bharat Shrinevas says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just wanted to check with you if you remember the price you got your 67 II camera. Yodobashi lists it presently at 214000 Yen which seems a bit pricey.


    • travel67 says:

      Hi Bharat,

      I paid 198,000 for the 67II body and 63,000 yen for the AE Pentaprism. I expect that the sale price of the remaining 67 bodies and lenses will rise to the full list price as production has finished.

  4. Keiko Mina says:

    Hello, I ve seen your photos !

    It was nice sharing time with you at Kanto Festival in Akita.

    You have the gift of taking photos,I think!
    Great photos !

    Hope you ll have nice days back in Okinawa :)
    Take care :)

    Keiko Mina

  5. Tord S Eriksson says:

    Hi Chris,

    That folding kayak you’re using, is that a Feathercraft?!

    Amazing photos, all of them! Wish I could afford a 645D :-(!

    All the best,
    Tord S Eriksson,

  6. should have been ‘Bagboater Yahoo group’. sorry!

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  11. Richard says:

    Hi Chris

    Just came across your site today…….nice work mate! Great photos! I am a beginner photographer but enjoy getting out there and snapping away! Also from Blighty and live in Okinawa.

    Take care


  12. Christine says:

    Hi Chris,

    I discovered your blog site today when I was frantically searching for news on Okinawa after the tsunami. I was born there and have lots of family there. My mother is full Okinawan making me half. I went back to visit in 2002 and couldn’t believe how “at home” I felt. All my relatives made me feel like I had lived there my whole life. I am hoping to return this fall with the Uchinanchu festival. I will keep tabs on your blog to see your photos and read your experiences. Please feel free to contact me anytime.


  13. Tim says:

    Hi Chris
    Stumbled across your blogs etc while checking for Tsunami news..
    I THINK we worked together very briefly in Okinawa, or at least in the same company, Nova, 2000?.. I came back to the UK in 2001 after which on a visit to Italy for a friends wedding, I met your aunt on a station platform in Herculaneum!
    Anyway, been back and forth to Japan MANY times since, as my true self, a textile designer, sadly don’t get to Okinawa much these days. Anyway, if it the same Chris, nice to ‘meet’ again, and great work! Best wishes

  14. Allan Luisi says:

    Chris, do you use your 67 lenes on the 645D,if so how has it worked out ? Do you know of any good articles on the internet on this subject ?

  15. Tom says:

    Hi I just stumbled upon your site and noticed you’re from Manchester? I’m in my final year at leeds uni but i am from heaton moor (near fallowfield/didsbury) originally, and thinking about teaching english abroad and surfing next year. Okinawa is one of the places i am thinking about trying out for…would you recommend it as a destination? Is it hard to get a job over there teaching english because of the military wives who live there already? Great photos btw!

  16. Hi Chris,

    I remember when you first came to Japan and visiting you in snowy Hokkaido when I was meant to be in Karuizawa. I came across your blog by accident today and it was nice to see a familiar face from Lancaster University and Japan. Your photos are amazing.)

    Sharon (Turner)

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